Enjoy the unexpected!

Naturally crafted Sangria for life's
unexpected and sparkling moments

In Spain, we say #HAYLÍO...
...when life is unexpectedly tasty !
...when life gives you unforgettable memories!


Elegant red wine paired with carefully selected oranges and wild blackberries bringing a fresh taste of the Mediterranean

The red ¨heritage¨ sangria blends the perfect balance of wine to brandy with a beautiful pairing of natural oranges and wild blackberries, our red wine sangria is guaranteed to provide a feeling of freshness in every sip.  #HAYLÍO


Fine light and bubbly white wine with subtle hint of fresh lime and crisp raspberries

"La Moderna", the ideal combination of crisp wine, local raspberries and notes of fresh lime, creating the perfect flavor profile for a warm day and weekend libations. Whether on a beach, in a city, or hanging with friends and family at home, once you try it… #HAYLÍO


In Spain we say #HAYLÍO when one lives up to the moment...
...because everybody knows, best memories come from unplanned moments!

Enjoy the unexpected!
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